Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Manifestation~Today's Energies~1/6/2015

Today’s Energies~1/6/2015


Healing with the Angels
Doreen Virtue

Where thoughts go, energy flows.
Feelings create manifestation.

We are constantly creating our reality.  Our thoughts, feelings, imagination, and actions produce everything in our world.  Science is finally catching up to what many of us have known all along.  Most of us only accept half of this as reality.  We like the half that gives us what we want.  We like the genie in a bottle theory.  What we don’t like is when the Universe says no, or when what we ask for doesn’t come in the form we expected.  In addition, we don’t like when something bad happens.  Well, I didn’t ask for that!  Why is that happening?  This brings me back to my first statement.  We are constantly creating our reality.  Everything happens for a reason.  Every thought, intention and feeling brings exactly what we ask for.  This means taking responsibility and being clear. No one likes being responsible. Taking responsibility is not blaming yourself.  It is taking your power back. Bad things will happen, but the power is in how we respond.  Be aware of thought processes, knee jerk reactions and subconscious thoughts, because those things are manifesting your reality too.  The stuff we don’t like is meant to grow and expand us.  I know that is hard to accept.  I have trouble with that theory too.  However, if I look back on events throughout my life, I can always see the lesson in the situation.  Be consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings. The message is in the moment. Amplify the thoughts and feelings that are good.  Imagination is a powerful tool. Imagine your life as abundant.  I’m grateful each day for very simple things that most of us take for granted.  I can take a hot shower.  I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.  I ate today.  I’m grateful.  Everything I need is being provided for, and I trust that everything I will need is coming to me.  Nurture loving thoughts and above all, trust.