Saturday, January 31, 2015

There is always a gift

Ever since my diagnosis of breast cancer, I've noticed more attraction in action in my life. Sometimes I feel like Pee Wee Herman in the scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure where he keeps seeing bicycles over and over, as he searches so hard for his own bike.

However, unlike Pee Wee, I am quite happy with what I am seeing, because what I am seeing is positive and inspiring.  I like to think that the Divine Creator and my guides are not only listening to my thoughts and prayers they are making it clear they are listening in the most obvious of ways.  I know this goes on all the time, but most of us are too caught up in extraneous factors to notice signs, synchronicity and messages.  Having cancer makes you more least it has for me.  While I still catch myself worrying about tomorrow, this is happening with less and less frequency.  When I find this happening, I immediately bring my thoughts back to the present.  A dear friend of mine suggested Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I'm glad she did.  I listened to the audio book shortly after my diagnosis, and have adopted several "I am" mantras as a way of drawing to me the highest and most positive intentions for healing and manifestations. Phrases such as, "I am healthy", "I am strong" and "I am cancer free" are just a few that I use. These phrases have truly helped me remain positive and I do feel strength and perfect health coming to me. The other day, I was in the car and I found myself drifting to a dark place.  I immediately began my I am chants.  As I was finishing, a car pulled in front of me and the license plate read I am with a series of numbers after it.  I immediately felt tremendous gratitude, because I knew I was being heard. I am seeing more and more commercials for cancer centers around the country and stories about people who have overcome the odds, or have given back their good fortune to aid others. It is very uplifting.  Facebook has been another source of attraction in action.  While I understand that FB tailors a great deal of what you see based on what you like and click on, this is still a form of attraction.  I have been posting more and more messages of hope and faith and I'm seeing these posts by others.  I am seeing suggestions about healthy eating, meditation and spirituality.  My news feed is now a source of healing for me.  I am also connecting with friends past and present who have been through or are going through cancer. Their strength is a constant source of inspiration for me and has inspired me in ways I cannot begin to explain.  I feel a debt of gratitude that I wish to pass on to others.  I feel much like George Bailey did at the end of It's a Wonderful Life when he discovers that he is the richest man in town, because of those who truly care for him.

I think there are times in our lives when we feel we have not made an impact on others, or that our lives truly don't amount to much.  It is a part of human nature. But the truth is, we all matter. We all make an impact. As Clarence said,  "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives."  My eyes have been opened wide by the messages of love and compassion.  I know I am forever changed by this cancer.  While the journey may be difficult, I see the gift of it all.  I wonder if I would have been this awake if I had not ever had cancer.  I don't think so.  Life is funny that way.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Magnetic boobs

Something funny happened on the way through breast cancer.  I had to meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss lumpectomy verses mastectomy.  My doctor begins explaining that if I have a mastectomy, they will insert a temporary boob (forgive me, but I can't remember the technical name) that has a type of magnet in it, which will allow them to inflate the breast to adequate size.  I immediately imagined my boobs pointing out like a Madonna cone bra and sticking to the refrigerator.

Um...yeah.  This is so not me.

Yes, this struck me very funny.  As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I AM...the journey begins

WIP~I am
(c) 2015 Trisha Leigh Shufelt

And so the journey begins...

Actually, I have been heading towards this journey for a very long time.  I just didn't know it until now.  I apologize for the long absence.  My intention when I started this blog was to showcase my art and provide daily and weekly oracle card readings.  I didn't know it would soon be a place where I would share my journey though cancer.  I debated long and hard about sharing this very private part of myself.  I had people tell me I shouldn't and those that encouraged me. Finally, I decided to try and put my feelings into words.  I did so, because of the outpouring of support I received from so many people who are in or have been in the same situation.  Their journey has inspired me and given me such strength that it is my hope to pass it on.  And so it begins...

Shortly after the New Year, I went for a routine Mammogram, which picked up a lump in my right breast.  I've always been prone to cystic breasts and didn't think much of it, as breast cancer does not run in my family.  I went for the biopsy.  I was nervous, but still convinced that all would be well. January 9th came and my doctor said the words I never thought I would hear, you have breast cancer. I began shaking uncontrollably.  I could barely speak, as she patiently explained my diagnosis, next steps, etc.  Everything in my mind shut down, and all I could think of was my family. I had gone to the doctors by myself, completely convinced all would be well.  Now, I had to tell my husband, my mother and father...oh, dear God, I had to tell my son.  I don't know how I drove home.  I got in the car and sobbed.  I wasn't angry. I am still not angry.  I was scared.  The first person I spoke with was my mother.  My mother is one of the strongest women I have ever known.  I know she doesn't see herself that way, but she is.  She told me, I will beat this, and I agreed.  I will beat this!  I am beating this!  The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, as I struggled to comprehend the road ahead.  However, in the midst of all of it, I have found such comfort and strength from the love and support of my husband, family, neighbors, friends and women who as I said, have been on or are currently on this journey.  I am blessed in so many ways and I see this as an opportunity for growth.  I have always believed that everything happens for a reason.  You can look at a situation and ask, why me, or you can look at it and say, what can I learn from this?  I am learning something new everyday.  I am learning to let go, be fearless, stand tall, be strong, appreciate the now, look at the world with new eyes, not get worried about the small stuff, and to see the beauty in everyone and everything.  I have always believed in this type of philosophy, but believing and doing are two different things.  I am embracing my mighty I AM presence with the knowledge that I am the spark of the Divine.  I have within me all that I need to heal.  I was created from love.  I was meant to be whole, healthy, and abundant.  I see this as an opportunity to help others as well as myself.  I will beat this!  I am beating this!  But, most importantly, I am making peace with this. I hope you will journey with me.  I may not post everyday, as I once had, but I will post the rawest and most honest part of myself.

Here I AM!
With much love and light,
Trisha Leigh

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Silver Soul~New Art

Silver Soul~Acrylic
Soul Energy Painting
(c) Trisha Leigh Shufelt

Just as the Magician in Tarot has one hand pointed to the Earth and one hand toward the higher realms, the Silver Soul reminds us to remain grounded and spiritual connected.  All source of creativity and magic reside within each one of us. Keep moving forward and don't look back.

Manifestation~Today's Energies~1/6/2015

Today’s Energies~1/6/2015


Healing with the Angels
Doreen Virtue

Where thoughts go, energy flows.
Feelings create manifestation.

We are constantly creating our reality.  Our thoughts, feelings, imagination, and actions produce everything in our world.  Science is finally catching up to what many of us have known all along.  Most of us only accept half of this as reality.  We like the half that gives us what we want.  We like the genie in a bottle theory.  What we don’t like is when the Universe says no, or when what we ask for doesn’t come in the form we expected.  In addition, we don’t like when something bad happens.  Well, I didn’t ask for that!  Why is that happening?  This brings me back to my first statement.  We are constantly creating our reality.  Everything happens for a reason.  Every thought, intention and feeling brings exactly what we ask for.  This means taking responsibility and being clear. No one likes being responsible. Taking responsibility is not blaming yourself.  It is taking your power back. Bad things will happen, but the power is in how we respond.  Be aware of thought processes, knee jerk reactions and subconscious thoughts, because those things are manifesting your reality too.  The stuff we don’t like is meant to grow and expand us.  I know that is hard to accept.  I have trouble with that theory too.  However, if I look back on events throughout my life, I can always see the lesson in the situation.  Be consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings. The message is in the moment. Amplify the thoughts and feelings that are good.  Imagination is a powerful tool. Imagine your life as abundant.  I’m grateful each day for very simple things that most of us take for granted.  I can take a hot shower.  I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.  I ate today.  I’m grateful.  Everything I need is being provided for, and I trust that everything I will need is coming to me.  Nurture loving thoughts and above all, trust.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Art Therapy

Trisha Leigh Shufelt Art 2015 
(LOL~I'm still putting 2014 on everything).

The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for me, and processing everything has brought to the surface a strange awareness.  I sat down and really focused on shutting out all the noise in my head.  I became aware of something observing my thoughts.  I know this sounds odd, but it made me realize this was my higher self doing the observing. I don't think I have ever really thought of consciousness in such a way. I know the Soul is a part of us, but I never thought of it in this context. What did it see?...This character.  So, I decided to paint her.  It reminds me of the Magician in Tarot, as above, so below. The Magician reminds us that all the tools we need are found within.  I saw a connection to the Universe and the spiral of life and creation.  The painting is obviously not finished, and I'm not sure what to call it.  Wish I majored in Art Therapy in College.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Original Art SALE

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Trisha Leigh Shufelt Art 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter's Child~Finished

Here is a photographed image of Winter's Child (c) 2015 Trisha Leigh Shufelt Art.  I will scan her later when she is completely dried.  Hope you like her.  This is my first attempt at a person (child) in Acrylic.  It was quite a challenge, but my model made it very enjoyable.  Thank you Virginia and little Fiona.

SALE Happy New Year!!

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