Friday, October 28, 2016

Bold Brush

Hi there,

I hope everyone is doing well. I have been busy between art shows and haven't had much creative energy. I almost thought my muse had taken a permanent vacation. Much to my surprise, she came back in full force this past week and I have been painting like a mad woman. The above image, entitled Remember Me is one of my latest mixed media works. I've entered it into FASO's Bold Brush Art Contest for the month of October. Only a couple days left to vote on it. Your vote won't necessarily get me into the winner's circle, as the final judgement belongs to an artist judge, but it does help get my work noticed, and for that, I am truly grateful. So, if you have time before the 31st, consider voting for this piece. It is simple and easy. Just click the link and then verify your vote though your email.

I've always wanted to do a piece featuring a cross. I'm not religious, but I am a highly spiritual individual, and I love symbolism of any kind. I wanted something that sharply contrasted and stood out. I chose deep reds and oranges (sort of a Southwestern mix) as the backdrop. For me, this comes from the root chakra, and our sense of security. The cross itself is a deep shade of turquoise (one of my favorite colors) and very symbolic of the throat chakra, which is our need to be heard. I wanted it to be off center, because I felt that this was more profound of hidden meanings and messages. It almost looks like water.

Recently, I sat down with a friend and we spoke in length about my artwork, use of color and positon of images on canvas. It was truly enlightening. If you drew a cross through the center of the page, the left half would be the past and the right half would be the future. The top half is our conscious mind and the bottom half is our subconscious mind (what we are working on below the surface. Hmmmm. I've got a lot going on here in this one.

I'm excited about the direction of my abstract pieces and recently had another friend share my art page with the comment, if you like soulful abstracts. This meant so much to me. I love abstract art, but often hear people say, "I don't get it" or "It just looks like paint pushed around the canvas. Anyone can do that." This is not necessarily said about my work, thank goodness, but I have heard it on many occasions about the genre of art.

Again, if you have a moment, consider voting for my art. It is likely a vote you will feel good about, which is sometimes hard to imagine during this election year. And, if you have a moment, stop by my website to view some of my new abstract pieces.

Lots of love!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crazy Train

I feel like I've been on a crazy train.  I can't believe I haven't blogged anything since April.  From April to now, I've been wrapped up in several projects, shows and frankly, too much distraction.  I have a show tomorrow and one at the end of the month. After that, it is some much needed down time. I've even deactivated my personal page on FB.  Too much political garbage in my feed and I just need to take a break from it all.  I feel that unplugging will do me a great deal of good and hopefully open up the flood gates of creativity that seemed to have bogged up lately.  I am keeping my art page open, and do plan to re-open the personal page, but I'm not sure when.

Since April, I revamped my website and joined FASO.  It is a much more professional platform for artists. I've also been diving more into mixed media, abstract art and find this process very satisfying. I've been crafty, making various pieces, which explore a more spiritual side of myself and incorporate natural elements, such as shells and crystals (see pics below).  I repainted my studio and took care of some personal issues. Life is clipping along at a fast pace.  I'm also catching up on some Netflix shows that I've been wanting to see. I began exploring Soul Collage as a way to open up some inner dialogue. If you have any facilitators in your area, I highly recommend it. I also recently turned 47 and until that day was convinced I was only turning 46.  Somewhere between cancer and 47, I lost a year. People say that happens.  I now know what they mean. Despite the lost year, I'm feeling a renewed sense of health and strength. I don't know what direction I will be heading in 2017, but I'm trusting in the Universe. I know it won't let me down.