Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hi everyone.  I just finished up a new mixed media piece that I wanted to share with you.  This one is called Kaleidoscope (for obvious reasons).  I love the vibrancy of color in this one.  Below the pictures is a link to a short video about the piece.  The other link is to my etsy store where it is available for purchase.

Monday, April 4, 2016

More Art You Can Touch

Sorry, I haven't been on here more, but I have been so busy creating art.  Guess that is a good thing. I've created two new mixed media pieces from the Art You Can Touch Series.  One is a 7x14 size and the other is a whopping 12 x36!!! Both were a great deal of fun to make.  I've also attached a link to a video if you wish to see a little more about the pieces.  Hope you like them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Art You Can Touch

I love mixed media art and since I originally began as a sculptor, it seems only fitting that I would eventually merge my love of sculpture with painting.  I have created a number of pieces lately and just finished up an abstract called, The Golden  Trees.  It is a 12x12 piece utilizing acrylic paint, sculpting medium and fabric.  It is available in my etsy store.  Below are a few pictures and a link to a short video about the piece.

Available at-

Monday, February 29, 2016


I've decided that once a month, I am going to post a piece (an original work of art/limited edition or something special) at a ridiculously low price. I will keep it on etsy for one month. At the end of the month, I will post another piece in its place (sold or not sold). This will be marked as Special Sale. This will be an excellent chance to grab something really unique at a price you wouldn't normally see. If it takes off, I will keep doing it.

The first item up for grabs is an original painting of a bat used in my Mystic's Dream Oracle Card Deck. The image was for the Major Arcana card, the Hanged Man.  If you are a fan of bats, this is a must have.  It is an 11x14 original acrylic painting for only 20.00 plus shipping.  

The SPECIAL SALE LASTS FROM 2/29 UNTIL 3/29.  If this painting does not sell within 30 days, something else will take its place.  If it sells before 30 days, then something else will go in its place and the 30 day SPECIAL SALE begins all over again!!

Click link to got to listing~

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fill me with gold


January was a rough month.  I had so much personal turmoil, that I literally wanted to hide under the covers.  I realize I wasn't the only one.  Was it Mercury in Retrograde or that old Uranus/Pluto square stirring up shit?  Who knows, but I think collectively we were all going though our own private little hell.

I had an old demon crop up just before January closed.  I had a mammogram earlier in the month, which came up normal, but my ultrasound picked up a questionable area on my treated breast. My doctor didn't think much of it, and scheduled a follow-up visit on the 29th.  Well, during the visit, I was told that the questionable area looked to be a cyst.  This is not unusual for me, as I have lumpy breasts.  I believe that is a technical term.  So, we did a little needle probing.  If it was indeed a fluid filled cyst, the needle would pop the sucker and it would drain.  We numbed up the area, which is quite a painful process, especially after radiation treatment.  I did not know this, so was very surprised by the overall pain.  I watched as my doctor did her best to pop the cyst, and immediately felt panic set in, as I realized the little fucker wasn't cooperating.  I was then told that because it didn't cooperate, I had to have a biopsy.  That dreaded word.  My brain immediately went into a tailspin.  I began to imagine 2015 all over again, with treatments, hair loss, pain, the burden on my body and my family.  I felt like I was going to throw-up.  What made matters worse was the fact that the biopsy had to wait until later that afternoon, as three patients were waiting to be seen by my doctor.  So, I had to come back and endure the pain all over again.  Now, I know never to do a needle probe unless there is time for a biopsy as well.  At any rate, I called my husband and through my tears managed to tell him what was going on.  He rushed home and we both came back later that afternoon for the biopsy.  It was in a word, horrible.  The pain was even worse, because I had endured so much earlier that morning.  I had even numbed the area with a topical beforehand, which proved fruitless, as most of the pain is felt internally.  After the extraction, we were told it would be up to a week before we heard any news.  As you can imagine, the waiting is always the most difficult.  While I had "lost my shit" as I like to say, earlier that day, I vowed to not dwell in the past.  I asked my angels, guides and Divine Universe, to please give me the strength to handle whatever the results were.  I wasn't going to make bargains about eating better and behaving better.  I just asked that I handle whatever I needed to with grace and strength.

Being alone is the most difficult.  When everyone goes back to school and work, and the house becomes quiet, the mind loves to pull you into the darkest places.  But, it wasn't just my waking hours, I was having horrible nightmares.  I had dreams about vampires, doing battle with them and enduring horrible pain that I actually felt in my sleep.  They were invading my home.  Yes, I realize what these dreams were about.  The vampires were my thoughts, my demons and I was fighting them.  I have been fighting them in my waking hours too.  When I was going though treatment, I did what I had to do to get though.  I meditated.  I maintained positive thoughts as often as possible.  I smiled though many tears.  I was never angry, and at for the most part, I did not allow myself to get overwhelmed by fear or emotions that were in any way negative.  After everything was said an done, months afterward, I found myself processing all of those emotions that I refused to acknowledge. They came to the surface at the strangest times. I would panic and cry uncontrollably. Every little ache and pain was a sign of the cancers return.  Every blood test that was out of range was a clear indicator that something was wrong.  I began to blame myself.  Was I eating too much sugar?  Did I have one too many drinks? Was I too stationary?  It was especially difficult on the anniversary date of my diagnosis.  So, you can imagine how I felt when I had to endure another biopsy.  I thought, I'm not ready!! I haven't even processed everything I had just gone though?  It's not fair!  I became angry! Finally, I became angry!

Then, I stopped being angry and just listened. I stopped feeling fearful and just allowed myself to breathe.  It's benign.  I said this over and over.

I began to paint.  I had spotted a beautiful pendant by a woman named Anna Kiranova.  It spoke to me very deeply. It became something of a talisman for me. I have a dove tattoo that I had done when I was 25.  My husband always called me dove.  I knew I had to paint what it was I was feeling based on this pendant.  I contacted her and showed her my work in progress and was met with warmth and best wishes.  The image below is the painting.  When I look at this painting, I see so many elements of myself.  The dove is me protecting my heart.  My heart is bleeding out of me and this is all my fear and emotion.  It is good and it is bad.  It is light and dark.  My heart is protected by gold, which is an armor of sorts.  I can't help but think of the Japanese technique called Wabi-Sabi, where cracks in broken pottery are filled with gold to make them new again.  I've often wanted to fill my scars with gold.  If you look closely you will see a black dove figure inside the white dove.  This is the shadow self.  This piece means a great deal to me, probably more than any piece I have ever painted, because it conveys everything I want and fear to say, so much more than I can possibly put down on paper.

The day I finished it was the day I heard from my doctor that the cyst was benign.  I'm relieved.  I'm grateful.  I am also aware that this journey will be a long one, and all I can do is take it one step at a time with strength and grace.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jazzin for Blue Jean

So, I sat down over the weekend and tried my hand at drawing David Bowie as Screaming Lord Byron from his video Blue Jean.  It was one of my favorite videos.  Not sure how good of a job I did, but here it is.  A little pop art twist, which seems fitting for any Bowie image.  Hope you like.

Screaming Lord Byron
David Bowie 
(c) 2016 Trisha Leigh Shufelt 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Man who fell to Earth

I said it before, and I'll say it again, I hate January.  This January has been particularly brutal. Both privately and in social media. Privately, our family has had its share of stressful events. Then, there has been the seemingly endless onslaught of cancer deaths in the entertainment industry.  Yes, cancer takes lives everyday, and these passings are mourned privately within families.  The recent deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman have caused a stir in social media that I have never seen.  Many people frown upon the addictive and sometimes destructive nature of social media, but I have never seen a more beautiful outpouring of the collective consciousness on this planet.  For that, I am grateful to be a part of it all, because, I like so many am mourning.

Both Bowie and Rickman hit very hard, but Bowie in particular has ripped me to my core.  January 9th was the first year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.  This was a very stressful day for me and I was genuinely surprised by how much it shrouded my thoughts and feelings.  The next day, my husband woke me with the news of Bowie's passing.  We are both huge Bowie fans, having grown up in the height of his many changes. My husband in particular was saddened, as he had seen Bowie twice in concert and more aware "age wise" of his emergence on the music scene.  My first introduction to Bowie was MTV.  The first video I saw was Changes. I was immediately mesmerized and terrified at the same time by his Ziggy Stardust persona.  Of course, that concert footage was from the 70's and by the time it aired for the world in the early 80's, Bowie was already onto other incarnations.  I then saw him in Labyrinth and fell madly and quietly in love with him.  Yes, I was among many who wanted Sara to stay with him in the Labyrinth.  It would be later in life, as an artist that I would meet Toby, the baby that Sara fought so hard to rescue.  What a thrill.  I followed Bowie throughout the 80's.  I dare say, he grew more handsome with age.  He was certainly a hero of mine, both musically and artistically.

Perhaps, that is why it is why his passing is so hard on so many.  It is never easy when your heroes die.  I dare say, the older I get, the more I will see this.  We all will.

Last night, I read a very poignant article about Bowie's last days.

It described his work on his final project Lazarus, which has been seen as a good-bye note to everyone.  While a public persona, Bowie was intensely private about his illness.  We are only finding out that his death was due to liver cancer.  The article discusses his project and his courageous battle with cancer.  In the days following his death, I wondered if he had chosen treatment.  This article confirms that he had and the unfortunate side-effects one experiences.  As I read though this very difficult timeline, I began to reflect upon my own battle.  We were both going though cancer at the same time, and likely suffered many of the same side-effects at the same time (hair loss, etc).  This of course brought home his death even more for me.  I cried all over again, feeling as though I had lost a friend, as I had lost so much of myself during treatment.  Watching the Lazarus video was very poignant.  I felt his pain, his sorrow, and his need to express everything he had within, because time was escaping his grasp.  Seeing him leave us though the wardrobe reminds me once again, that death is a doorway.  Our time is brief.  While the stars look very different today, I am grateful that the man who fell to Earth touched and influenced so many with his beauty, talent and strength.  Bless you, David Jones, David Bowie, Lord Byron, Ziggy Stardust and the many, many personas you shared with us.  We will love you forever.

Art image by Patrice Murciano