Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wolfie! My Chemo Wig!

Wolfie!  My Chemo wig!!!

I just had my first injections of chemo on Tuesday, and was told the inevitable would happen within two weeks.  The inevitable is hair loss.  I prepared myself for this by cutting my hair super short, so that the loss wouldn't be as dramatic.  I'm not very vain, so the idea of loosing my hair isn't a big deal. It's a small price to pay if what I am going though is going to cure me.  Luckily, thus far my side-effects have been tolerable and minimal.  I'm very tired, and achy, almost as if I had the flu.  I've been putting effort into meditation, healing and chanting.  This has helped a great deal on the days I am weening off the steroids. Food is still tolerable and my best friend is the bed right now.  I know the first several days are the most difficult after each injection, so I'm behaving myself by watching lots of funny movies.  The only thing I really long for is warmer weather, so that I can sit outside on my porch.  However, I digress.  I've begun checking out sites for wigs just in case I decide I get tired of hats and scarves.  It's amazing how many beautiful wigs are out there.  I've narrowed down a short and a long wig.  Prior to my diagnosis, I wanted to grow my hair long again.  It was just getting past my shoulders and full of beautiful silver strands.  Wig shopping is fun, as there are so many styles to choose from and gives you a chance to maybe try something you never imagined you would.  I actually looked at a lavender wig.  The wigs nowadays are quite beautiful, stylish and easy to take care of .  Thee are medical grade wigs that are less irritating on the scalp, synthetic wigs that you can wash and curl, as well as human hair wigs.  Human hair wigs are extremely costly, so I think I will stick with a good old synthetic one., has quickly become my favorite site for hats, scarves, wigs, etc. Most insurance companies cover some cost of the wig.  Unfortunately, mine does not.  Oh well.  If they cover everything else, I can't complain.  So, off to the wig site.  Me and Rumple have some shopping to do.