Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am a dreamer.  All my life, I have experienced very vivid, lucid, and at times odd dreams.  I've had flying dreams, falling dreams, drowning dreams, dreams about animals, houses, bridges, death and birth.  I've had dreams about relatives who have crossed over. I've even had out of body experiences. I believe in dreams, and feel it is our way of coping with what is in the past, present, and what is to come.  Recently, my dreams have become very symbolic of what is going on in my present life.  The other night, I had a dream that I was crafting swords.  I immediately felt as though I would be going into battle.

Hidden Realms Tarot by Julia Jeffrey & Barbara Moore

Last night, I had a dream that I was driving over a bridge.

Bridge dreams are extremely fascinating to me, because I  have them often.  In real life, I am actually terrified of bridges.  I hate crossing bridges over water, and will make my husband plot routes way out of our way to avoid as many bridges as possible.  I have many phobias, and this is a big one.  In many of my dreams, I am a passenger, in the back seat, and someone else is driving.  This someone is usually a male relative or significant other (Frued would love that one). Well, most of us can interpret this one pretty easily.  The dreams never end well, and the car often goes off the bridge and plunges into deep water.  I hate those dreams, and know they represent overwhelming emotions and a feeling of being out of control.  The dream I had last night was very different. In this dream, I was driving (this in and of itself is mind blowing to me, because I am never driving) .  No one was in the car with me and yet, I could hear a voice talking to me.  I was driving through an unknown town trying to find the highway to get home.  I make the turn to get on the highway, go over a hill, and suddenly, I am on a very thin bridge over water.  In my mind, I thought, oh great, another bridge dream!  Unlike the picture above, I could see water on either side, which was very placid.  The bridge began as a hill, shot downward, went very long, and at times disappeared under the water to reappear a few feet away.  It did not have railings, which gave the appearance that one could fly off at any moment.  I could not see to the other side of the bridge. Now here comes the interesting part.  I am driving very fast.  I begin to approach the areas of the bridge where it dips under the water, and I hear the voice in the car say, just keep going.  I cross over the water (not under) and reach the resurfaced bridge several feet away.  I see light on the opposite side, but cannot seem to reach it.  I ask where is the other side, and I suddenly wake up.  Now, how did I feel as I was crossing this bridge?  Initially, I was extremely afraid.  I always am.  However, suddenly, I felt strangely, I got this.

I am going though something right now.  There is an unknown quality about it all and I am afraid.  I also feel, I've got the will to handle whatever it is.  This dream is very symbolic of this situation. Only time will tell whether I reach the other side.  At least I know, I am in the drivers seat.