Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My little obsession.

What started out as a couple of decks is growing in leaps and bounds.  I began collecting tarot and oracle decks several years ago, because as an artist, I admired the art.  My very first deck was by Brian Froud's, The Faerie's Oracle.

Back then, I hadn't a clue how to use oracle decks and was incredibly intimidated by Tarot.  Today, I read from both and enjoy it immensely.  I consider myself empathic and intuitive, and feel this has as much to do with being an artist, as it is inherent within each one of us.  Tapping into that ability takes time and a lot of quieting within the Soul.  I would never consider myself clairvoyant or psychic, although, through meditation, some interesting channels are opening.   My decks range from angel and faerie, to Zen and esoteric.  I have several commercial decks, but I am finding a love for the rare and one of a kind decks by various artists on etsy.  I've got several booked marked for purchase at some point in time.  They are a bit more expensive, but well worth the price.  This is a deck Voodoodollys on Etsy.  The images are wickedly warped, but I am drawn to the artistry.

I also started a small FB group about 4 months ago.  It evolved from my personal page where I had been posting weekly oracle card updates for many months.  I thought it was a safe and good way to dip my toe into the Realm of readings and explore my intuition.  I've had wonderful feedback thus far, and I see it evolving into something more substantial down the road. Only time will tell...One of my ultimate goals is to create my own set of oracle and tarot cards.  I have a body of work that would work well for oracle cards, but I feel it important to create something new around a theme.  I haven't decided just yet what that will be.  Perhaps the cards will tell me ;).

In the meantime, the deck collection is growing.  My favorite tarot deck is the Tarot of the Hidden Realms by Barbara Moore (writer) and Julia Jeffrey (artist).

Julia is one of my very favorite artists, and I felt an instant connection with her deck.  The images are beautiful and enchanting.  Barbara Moore's connection to Julia's art is wonderful.  I've not narrowed down a favorite oracle deck just yet, but I do love the Kuan Yin Oracle for its beauty and deeper meanings.