Saturday, June 20, 2015

What is this trying to teach me?

This may be a long blog.  I've been thinking about my reading for this past week and I've had some time to retreat into my thoughts.  One of the things that I have been thinking about is why things happen when they do.  Anyone who knows me or follows my blog has heard me say repeatedly that everything happens for a reason, or it is what it is. I used to hate the "is what it is" saying, because for the longest time, I felt it denoted a lack of control. Yes, sometimes things happen that seem to be beyond our control, but in truth, we are the ones who are in control at all times.  How is that possible if bad things happen?  I didn't bring this upon myself? I didn't ask for this disease, to be treated unfairly, or to get into this accident, etc.  No, you may not have asked for a particular thing to happen to you, but you do have the power to control your response to any given situation.  Sometimes, things happen to move us and shake us out of situations that no longer serve our highest good.  They can be slow coming or they can be huge, jarring wake-up calls.  It just depends on what we need at that time. These things happen to us personally and they happen on a global scale.  They will continue happening until we make the necessary changes to remove ourselves from the situation.  If we don't, the Universe often does it for us.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, although it may feel like it at the time. If you are constantly unhappy where you are in life.  If you are filled with negative emotions about your current situation, then this emotion is setting in motion a change.  We are not meant to be unhappy and miserable.  For example, I had a job that I loved for many years.  I sort of fell into it and it became a very rewarding experience for me.  I changed the lives of many children that I worked with and felt that it was my calling in life.  One day, my boss informed me that the grant for my position was ending within a year and that my services would no longer be needed.  They wanted to keep me on during that year, but would remove me from my position, and put me into another, as those in higher authority deemed that my position should be filled with someone who had a degree. It was beyond their control.  I was devastated.  I couldn't understand why this was being taken away from me. It cut me to my core. Well, you could say, this is not a good example of being in a miserable situation and emotions in motion creating change. However, it was. While I loved what I did, I felt unchallenged at times, sometimes unappreciated and in the end, I wanted more. The Universe answered.  I tried the new position, but ended up leaving, because, it began to take a toll on my health. After leaving, I tried everything I could to get back into the field, but found it impossible.  Over time, I soon began to realize I would never return to this line of work.  I was meant to move on to other things, and I stopped resisting the change that needed to occur.  Everything happens for a reason.  I allowed myself to realize that I had been blessed to learn what I did from that experience, but in order to learn more, I had to stop allowing the fear of what if control me.  I was afraid the income loss would be difficult for our family.  I felt like I wasn't contributing enough.  I felt I lacked skills to move forward.  I feared.  I feared. I feared.  I also realize that it was fear that kept me in my job for many years.  Eventually, I decided to throw myself completely into my art and healing.  I allowed the Universe to guide me and I openly accepted where I would go.  I relinquished my need to control. Today, I am following my passion.  No, it is not as lucrative as my old job, but we are doing fine and I am happy. Another example is the breast cancer diagnosis I received this past year.  No, I did not ask for breast cancer, but I learned a great deal from it.  It changed my life forever and I will say, for the better.  I look at life very differently now.  It has made me fear less and love more.  I have learned to trust that everything happens in Divine timing and for the highest and best good.  I have learned that it is my response to life that makes a difference on where it leads me. So, while things may seem grim, ask what is this situation trying to teach me? What do I need to learn?  What do I need to overcome?  What have I always wanted to do, but have been afraid of trying?  Am I truly happy? If I resist this change, will I be able to stop the outcome?

Whatever happens, may it be for the highest and best good.  May you be in perfect trust that you are being provided for at all times by a very loving Universe.  Allow yourself to be happy.