Thursday, June 11, 2015

A call to Trust

A dwarf galaxy by NASA via Hubblesite 
This Small Magellic Cloud is considered as a dwarf irregular galaxy. It has a diameter of about 7,000 light-years and contains several hundred million stars. This cloud is very small compared to the Milky Way, our 100,000 light years galaxy.

Many believe that if you wake in the middle of the night, it is the time to converse with the Divine.  Lately, I wake-up a lot.  This is mostly due to hot flashes and night sweats, but every now and then, I do have what I would consider Divine conversation.  I don’t know if it is really “The Divine” or perhaps guides and angels coming though, but it as though they tell me to shut up and listen.  So, I do.  

Oftentimes, when I wake, I can’t remember what I was told, but last night was different.  Last night, I had the overwhelming urge to get up and type out everything, but I was assured that I would remember in the morning.  

As I sit with my coffee (yes, I’m drinking coffee again), everything is coming back to me in a flood of words. 

The first thing I heard was the word, trust.  Actually, I think it began more like a question. 

Do you trust? 

Immediately, I found myself answering.  I think most of us try to trust, but when life seems to be an uphill battle, it is hard to muster the courage of trust.  We want to feel like we have control.  After all, how can things change or get resolved if we are not controlling the outcome.  

Stop trying to control what cannot be controlled and trust that all is evolving and happening for your highest good, for everyone’s highest and best good.

What about those who are sick, suffering or experiencing a loss of some kind, be it a loved one or financial? 

All happens for your highest and best good.

Elaborate please…

Everything happens for a reason.  You believe this?

Yes.  I answered.  I’ve said this many times.  I’ve written those words in my blog.  I do believe that is true.

And, it is true.  You are learning lessons from everything that occurs.  Some of these lessons are difficult and challenging, but they are meant to grow and expand you.  Breakdowns usher breakthroughs.  Sometimes, a loss is meant to push you forward into something new.  Sometimes, your world needs to shake up and break apart, so that you make decisions and get out of situations that are no longer beneficial or have become stagnant.  Situations where you have taken something for granted, where you are no longer learning, or where it is time to move on to the next teacher and lesson.  Even when it seems negative, but not all is negative.  There are lessons in everything.   The most important relationship you have is with self.  You are learning about yourself in all that you do.

But, some people feel they have nowhere to turn, no way out of a situation.

It is because they do not trust.  They do not believe that all will be taken care of in perfection for what is needed.  They lack the faith that in surrendering to trust, there is power.  Letting go of control allows the flow of energy to move and therefore, you become receptive to what is of the best and highest good.  Sometimes, these things require action on our part.  You cannot expect things to change if you remain in the same situation, with the same people; with the same energies,…you allow these circumstances to be your security, because you believe that it is too late to start anew.  You do not trust.  You trust in fear, but there is no fear.  Fear is an illusion. Then, something difficult occurs to get your attention and you must make a decision.   You must surrender to the possibilities of trust and move forward, or you will continue in the same patterns repeatedly until you die a little more each day.  You cannot possibly grow if you remain stuck. 

But, what about those who feel they are too old to change?

There is no such thing as age.  Age is an illusion that you have put upon yourself.  Trust that others will not see this in you and all will be well.

But, what about those who are sick and dying?

Everything is meant to expand you.  You are not this body.  You are not this illness.  You are not this disease.  You are a part of me.  You are more than what you see. 

Everything went silent in that moment and I found myself drifting back to sleep.  However, before I did, I heard these words once more…

Be In Trust.

Now, some may say this is just my mind, perhaps self-talk, or that I was dreaming.  I can assure you that I was very much awake.  I’ve learned the sound of the voice in my head and this was not it.  So, whether you believe this or not, I find that what was heard was very wise.  I hope you find wisdom in it as well.  I only wish I had asked more questions.

Love and light!