Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last of the Red Death

I know it has been a while since my last update.  I've finished with my third dose, which was a bit more of a rough ride, but to be expected.  Yesterday, was my last does of the big four (so kindly called the Red Death), and now I navigate the next couple of weeks to heal before I begin the next regime of Chemotherapy.  The wonderful news is that I am responding so well, that my tumor cannot even be felt physically and through ultrasound has shrunk to less than a cm.  Maybe even more so now, as it has been a couple of weeks since that ultrasound.  The news is so promising that the doctors believe they can reduce my next regime in half, 6 weeks instead of 12.  So many blessings that the issues I have had have been tolerable.  I won't kid you, I do have very bad days, but I stay in faith that I am being healed.  I am blessed through the support of many friends and family who have encouraged me with love and prayers. I am grateful.  Here is the last pic of me receiving my last of the big four chemos. And yes, I've got a lot to smile about.

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy from the couch with drawing and writing a little here and there.  I'm compiling my thoughts on the journey, and have received much encouragement to create a book for others.  We shall have to see.  Below are a few more statuary drawings and one drawing of a beautiful Ziegfeld Folly girl.  Again, these are for keeping myself from getting rusty and I don't own the images  that were referenced, although I do believe the Ziegfeld girl is in public domain.  

Burano tomb ~ sculptor Piero da Verona. Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Genoa, Italy 

Statue in Baden Würthenberg, Germany 

Ziegfeld Folly Girl Public Domain